Honor Dr. Martin Luther King on April the 4th by Seeking the Truth

Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we.  What use is it to go around in our day to day lives with a false view of history as a basis for our world view, shaping the lens of what we perceive to be reality?  We are deceiving ourselves.  Like Plato’s Cave, we don’t know that the shadows on the wall aren’t real because nobody’s told us they aren’t.  No one has shared the reality of the situation with us.  Let’s dispense with the charade and get to what we as American citizen’s should recognize as the shadowy truth of the matter, and why we celebrate the birth of a great and peaceful man who sought to bring the truth of our plight into view and have a solution for social justice come from that revealed truth.

On April 4, 1968 (an age ago I know), in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Lorraine Motel, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed (assassinated) by agents of the United States Government.  Their patsy was one James Earl Ray (the CIA had a flare in the 60’s for using patsies and their three full names, e.g. – Lee Harvey Oswald).  The case was never properly investigated by the government, local, state or federal, witnesses were ignored, coerced, timelines rearranged, crime scenes destroyed and the tell tale sign of countless Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) violations occurred at all levels, except that of the C.I.A., who’s program for killing read right out of the manual.  Further attempts to investigate the assassination were thwarted, half-ass cover ups were held up as proof that the “official” cover story was correct (sound like N.I.S.T and 9/11 here folks?), and a four year trial by Judge Joe Brown was prematurely ended when he attempted to test fire the rifle in evidence to prove that it was NOT the rifle that killed King.

Fortunately for us, William Pepper and the King family would not accept, “Nothing to see here, move along.” as an answer, and they conducted their own investigation and had a public jury trial, which was totally and unequivocally ignored by the corporate media in collusion with the government cover up.   This trial concluded that, in no uncertain terms, the U.S. Government conspired to kill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and is responsible for this Nobel Laureate’s violent death.

Read the full transcript of the 1999 King Family vs Jowers Civil Trial, that describes in detail what actually happened on that fateful day in April so many years ago.

Remember this GREAT man, not on the federal holiday, but on the day of his death in 1968 and what he stood for.  He stood for ending the WAR in Viet Nam, and the corporate greed that it fed at the expense of American and Asian lives, American treasure and the mental health of a generation.  He stood for peace and social justice, and the basic rights of man.  He was a defender of the poor and a voice for those who had none.  Remember these things on April the 4th, the day the U.S. Government deemed yet another one of it’s greatest citizens needed to be Extra-Judiciously Terminated.  (Sound familiar?  Bush/Obama?)

Epilogue: Murder is murder, and yet the courts fail to uphold the law and hold those responsible accountable.  Our system has failed and it will only get worse.

For further investigative reading on the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. go to:

Citizens for the Truth about the Kennedy Assassination (CTKA) Website: MLK Assassination Articles

and BLACK OP RADIO – With Len Osanic

Here: Black Op Radio and here: Black Op Radio


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